Wednesday, October 04, 2006

My Love

My worst fear? That's easy. It's being home and getting a call from the police or having them ring my doorbell to tell me that my husband isn't going to be coming home tonight, he's not going to be coming home at all. He died in a freak car accident or he was shot because somehow he found himself in the middle of a fight, a victim. A murder victim. A dead murder victim.
Before he leaves the house to go anywhere, I always hug him and give him at least 4 kisses. I tell him I love him and I make sure we are'nt mad at each other when we leave the house. I don't want to lose him if Im mad at him.
Everyday I grow more in love with my husband. Watching him cook, witnessing his weird sence of humor as he does SOME sort of dance in the living room, catching him tilt his head in that way of his as he smiles. Watching him laugh. I always grow in love with him. Our life is just getting started and I dont want to lose it so soon.


Blogger thesexyswede said...

aw that's precious.

you're cute!!! lol

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