Monday, August 21, 2006

Am I not me anymore??

Why as soon as i get married do my friends...or "friends" from my point of view.... all of sudden drop me like a hot potato and not invite me to things anymore? It's because they think my life revolves around my husband, that i have to spend every waking day with him. Every minuite of every hour of every day and every month and im going crazy just thinking about it!! I do not want to spend so much time with him!! Sure, i love him to death. Yes he IS my husband and i DID marry him but that doesnt mean i can be...dropped. Forgotten. UNINVITED!
I had one friend say she had to find another best friend now because she cant talk to me about boys now that im married, like i dont know anything about boys anymore or i dont care about them or what she has to say just because shes single.
I had another friend not invite me to her bday party because she said that i would probably be too busy with my husband. Well, get off your lazy BUTT, phone me, and ask me yourself. If im gonna be busy with him ill say"Id love to come but loverboy and i....". But the fact is that im NOT doing anything tomorrow night and i would have loved to come to your bday party because to me you are a friend.
Ive had more people give me lame excuses also due to the fact that i was married....does that make me no fun anymore?? Im i not me anymore just because i got married because im in love?? I dont understand it. I dont understand any of it. And frankly; it hurts my feelings. I suppose i now know who my TRUE friends are......they would be those who still invite me places and treat me like they've always treated me even after i got married.And right about now, I can only count one.