Wednesday, July 12, 2006

One ending, One begining

Where shall I begin? For this ending to my life is a new beggining. I am experiencing so many emotions as my wedding day comes closer into my veiw. Im sad to let my room go. To just see all that hard work and pateince i had. Im excited to pack up and leave my mother behind and start a new life in my house, with my food and my husband. Im scared too though, for so many trials are bound to pop up leaving me either stronger than before or weaker than the next.
Today I'll be moving some stuff over to lover boys and packing for tomorrow which I will be decorating the gym and heading up to the hotel(3 hr drive). Friday I am getting married and I will be in a hotel that night and the night after that maybe. Life will never be the same again for on Monday when life slows down and resumes back to normal, i will be a married woman with a new last name, a new home and a new person in my life to which i will want to protect at all times and have him do the same for me. Life will be ending yet life will be begining. It will be one bumpy yet fun ride. Anyone wanna watch?


Blogger thesexyswede said...

I'd totally watch:D lol. you're cute.

9:44 PM  

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