Thursday, July 06, 2006

Another chapter begins

Do you ever wonder where the time goes? How it can fly by you so fast you dont even realize, yet at times it seems as if the world stopped and you're the only thing moving?
This past month-since my last blog-time has whizzed by so fast I'm afraid that I'm going to fly off the earth never to be seen again.
I've been busy with the wedding expecially with it only being 8 days away. I went camping with my family once more as an unmarried woman. I've been ending work for the summer and trying to find a new one until Sept arrives and I go back to work. I've been busy with my new hobby and obbsession; scrapbooking. Im making a scrapbook for the wedding so im starting off with all my bridal party pictures. I've been trying to cope with the extreme heat and humidity here that my city hasnt seen much of before. My father arrived home 2 days ago from Phillipines. I saw him for the first time today in 2 months. 3 maybe. So yes, Ive been a very busy woman.
But I figured you all would like to read one last post before my wedding, because after that I realize that everything is going to change. My relationship with my sisters will grow stronger because we will have to actually try to get together. I wont be so afraid of my mom to give her attitude and voice my opinion. My relationship with lover boy will also be strengthened(sp). I'll have a hubby and new resonsibilities to uphold. I will no longer live at home aiming to please so much. Everything i have lived by for the past 19 years will be history, and i will be starting a new chapter in my life. Lets hope that chapter is a romantic comedy with a very happy ending.


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