Sunday, May 14, 2006

Man Lovin on a Sunday Afternoon

Picture this: You're engaged(congrats!!) and you love your fiance so much that you dont have any doubts that he is the man(or woman) for you to spend the rest of your life with. You know with all your heart that he/she loves you the same way.
The female always seems to be the one who mostly gives the backrubs or the feet massage or the holdin your man close to you to feel his body against yours, but for some reason you dont mind at all because just knowing that your man loves you with all his heart by the way he looks at you or cooks for you is enough.
Now picture this: You are both laying in bed together for a nice nap(above the covers and in your clothes!!). You dont feel like cuddling up to him anymore at the moment because its just not....comofrtable. So you turn your back to him and now the both of your backs are facing each other. You dont feel as connected as before but you feel happy knowing that you can always just turn away in bed and still feel his love. When all of a sudden a few moments later after your nap you feel him turn around and snuggle into YOU. He wraps his arms around your body and buries his face into your hair smelling it enjoying how it smells so good from the previous wash it endurded with your faboluus smelling shampoo and conditioner. You smile to yourself. As soon as he wrapped his arms you, you felt this overwhelming feeling of love and hope and future with this person. Its so strong it takes your breath away for even a second leaving you with a feeling of profound happiness and joy. Isnt that what love should be like everyday, everywhere with every couple in the world? Profound happyness and joy? As sad as it is, its not. But I felt it. Today. While napping with my man on a sunday afternoon.


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