Monday, May 08, 2006

The Beauty Inside

What exactly is the beauty of an engagment ring? It's not the diamonds, its not the gold, its not the way it shines and shimmers in the summer sunshine, altough to some people thats all that matters. To me, when I look at my engagment ring I see love. I feel love. I feel more love in my heart and all over my body that I thought was possible. How is it that someone can love a person so much as to work for them to buy them a beautiful ring and then proceed to go on bended knee and ask "will you marry me?".
Saturday night, May 6 2006, Lover boy made me a wonderful meal. We went for a walk afterwards and then proceeded back to his house. We danced to a few songs then down he went, on knee asking me if i would marry him. After my previous 2 mishaps of thinking he was going to propose you can imagine how happy i was. I was bursting and i couldnt stop smiling. Its always been obvious to me how much lover boy loves me but right at that moment seeing him go on one knee opening the ring case with the ring inside and tears in his eyes everything became so clear to me as to how much he loves me. And that makes me love him even more. He is everything to me. I live for him and there is no doubt in my mind that i want to marry this man and spend the rest of my life and eternity with him.


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Blogger thesexyswede said...


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Blogger Sariah33 said...

oh Kryatal, i am so happy for you!!! You totally deserve it!!!! Keep being the best you can be

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Blogger clazy rachy said...

Krystal!! You didn't tell me this!! I'm so excited for you!!

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