Wednesday, December 28, 2005

i know i havnt blogged in forever. i probably lost all my fans already. if i HAD any fans. haha. anyway not much else is new. unless you count the boy that i met at church and am TOTALLY crushing on. i like him so much that i started going back to church and attending weekly activities and such now. i asked him to go the new years dance with me but it turns out hes goin with some other girl to some other dance..bleh.
then theres the digital camera fiasco. all i want is a digital camera cause my mom wont let me use hers and the one i want is displayed in all the electronic stores but none are in stock! now how frusterating is that one?
I finally moved back into my room after a few million hurt feelings about my stepfather and his stupid issues about me painting yellow stars on my wall. good thing he doesnt know i outlined them in sharpie. haha. hey, it was ALL my moms idea.
my step grandma died due to cancer and like normal mom was on my back about not crying about it. i got used to the idea that she was going to die, and besides she wasnt blood related to me, i hate her son, and happens.
im working everyday at the elementary school up the street for 2 hours. the kids love me and i love the kids. i dont know how i could stay sane without those kids u know? it gives me 2 hours where i can be myself and not be hated or critissized for it. the only time i can let go and have fun and be like a kid again.
finally found a new friend so im not TOO terribly lonely anymore. lol.
havnt beento pyscho class in a month and i think im getting along fine without it and without pychco adviser, which i must remind you, isnt pyscho in any way. most the time anyway. haha.
but besides all that nothing really new happened. anyway im hoping i wont get too sidetracked with everything going on so i can post here more often and get my fans back. anyway im out.........PEACE.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

still roomless

it is about 3 weeks later and i am still sleeping in the rumpus room. The 2 very cute young men who insurance had called over turns out not to know a thing. They've screwed up so many times until finally mom called a lawyer and and hired a new insurance guy. This guy knows what hes doing and hes got an english accent plus hes really nice. bonus! so he worked on the walls today and hopefully i should be in my room by christmas!!