Saturday, November 19, 2005

new room!! new life??

Let me ask you all something. When you have a bunch of roots growing in your sewer drain and your sister goes to do her laundry with your room right beside the room with the drain in it, and it backs up, tell me where does the dirty gross sewage water go? If you guessed my room you guessed right.
I was sitting in sams room-go figure-with sam and her b/f. Mom all of a sudden yells up the stairs for murray(stepdad) in a tone that told everyone something was wrong. Her voice came from the laundry room. Before murray gets down there mom screams "turn the water off!"
*Sams turns to me eyes wide*
* I look at sam my eyes wide*
At same time
Sam: Your room!!
Me:My room!!!
I got up and ran straight to my room. Hoping this was a false alarm and the water really didnt reach my room like the last time, I step in a puddle of very cold dirty smelly water. I look down and see Very. Wet. Carpet. Gross!! Instantly sam runs downstairs with her b/f, as I'm lifting things off the floor and piling it on my bed.
Everything is off the floor and Im now trying to move my desk into my sisters room across the hall while sam and her b/f are mopping up literally buckets of water. Casey is behind me video taping all the damage-once again-on video tape for insurance purposes.
In the end of all the hype and now 3 days later, I am still sleeping on the couch. My desk is still in caseys room, my drawers in the storage room with my music/book shelf. My bed frame and bed are in the garage with 3 huge boxes of my stuff and the shelves that once used to hang on my wall holding my collectiables and pictures. Insurance is paying for new carpet and new walls and primer. My mom bought inisillation to help my room stay warmer after we found out there wasn't any underneath my wooden panelling that the two very cute young men tore down today. Tuesday Im sure the 2 very cute young men will be back puttin up drywall walls and new carpet.
I get to paint it whatever color I want, and to go with the theme I have set already with my dresser back door, and closet my walls are gonna be white with yellow stars and maybe a fairy or two. and yes, I will be painting them by hand.
Getting a new room is exciting and makes me so happy because I love change. When my room changes somehow I always find my life will change too, for the better makin me a little bit more happier each time. But tell me, now that im gettin a new room, can I get a side order of one new life to go??

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

too much too ask??

Is it really too much for a girl to ask for a perfect romantic moment?
Is it too much to ask to be walking down in a park on a perfect snowy day with your boyfriend(or crush for us single gals) holding hands and laughing when he stops and gives u the most perfect cold yet warm kiss?
Is it too much to ask for the power to all of a sudden go out while only you and your b/f (once again, crush for us sinlge gals) are home leaving you 2 to have a nice conversation about everything including personal info??
It is too much to ask that on a beautiful windless summer night you and your b/f (u know what goes here) slow dance togther under the stars in silence just enjoying each others company?
Is it too much to ask to have the guy you like tell you he likes you too?
Is it too much to ask for a b/f who loves and esteems you in every way possible that it makes you cry not in saddnes but in happiness?
Is it too much to ask that your b/f wont have sex with you because he knows its agaisnt your morals and religion??
Is it really too much to ask for any of these wonderful romantic moments to actually happen and take place??
Girls I hate to say it but yes, im afriad it is too much to ask. But why? It's because the world isn t perfect and well....we all know to well men are't either.

ps....anyone know where I could find someone like that??

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

It's hard knock life

Come Jan. I want to attend college and take Visual Communications. My family is quite poor to start out with so we are doing the student loan thing but apparenlty your parents have to pay something. With my parents being divorced and well....not living together my father is makin things very.. how shall we say, difficult? Instead of admitting that im actually his child(yes u read right. yesterday he was trying to make up excuses not to pay. his excsuse was i am not his child b/c i do not live with him) he argues about it hoping he wont have to pay anything. My mom gets upset and so they start a war bewteen the 2 of them. This has been going on for the past 2 times my dad has come over to pick me up to take me out on what was supposed to be a fun night out. (it turns out that both times were not very fun. At All.) So i started to say to myself that maybe i shouldnt go to college because this wouldnt be happening. But I am going to go to college and why you ask? Beacuse its my life and i am not going let my parents destroy my future because of there immaturity, endless bickering, and on going torment to one another. They are adults and should know how to cooperate well together in a situation about money expecially when children are in hearing distance, am i right? But the parents will and there is nothing I can do about it. I can just sit back, relax and pray until its over. What can I say? It's a hard knock life.